full day 

We will leave the Compass Point Marina on our way for a snorkel at Whistling Cay off of St. John.  Next is a quick tour of the beaches of St John, where will stop at Maho Bay before we head off to the East End of St. John where will stop at Water Lemon Cay. After Water Lemon Cay we will continue on our way around St. John, making a stop in Coral Bay. If we have all adults we will stop at Angels Rest, a floating bar, with kids we can stop at Vie's beach hut for lunch at Hansen's Bay. We will continue onward on way back to St. Thomas by going along the south side of St. John with a stop at Booby Rock for a snorkel. We will navigate right on through Great and Little St. James Islands back to the Marina!

half day - St. Thomas cruise ship excursions!

Having a Wahoooo Time on the Water!

Circumnavigate St. John
11AM to 6:30 PM - $900

Hey you are on vacation right? Who wants to hear an alarm clock and get up early? We have an answer for you!  We will hit a couple of snorkel spots then add a fun filled evening with your favorite beverage and hors de vours you choose to bring while listening to music of your choice while watching one of the most amazing sunsets you may ever experience while at Christmas Cove. When the sun goes down, you can watch the island light up! 

​9:00 AM TO 5:30 PM  $1000 Our Best TrIp
St. thomas Snorkel and Sunset Cruise
Things to Do in St Thomas Boat Trip
9:00AM to 5:00PM - $900
We will cruise out to our first snorkel stop at Buck Island National Wildlife preserve where you can swim with the turtles! Next it is on to a tour of the Charlotte Amalie Harbor where we will pass close by the visiting cruise ships, waterfront, Frenchtown, Crown Bay! Our lunch stop will be at Water Island’s Honeymoon beach where you can enjoy a beautiful sandy beach and two beach bars, Heidi’s or Dinghy’s Beach Bar! Our next stop will be off to the end of the Cyril King Airport runway where you can watch jet airliners on final approach to land with the jets just a few hundred feet above your head! Are you in a beach mode or snorkel mode? If you say beach, then we can stop at Lindbergh Beach and enjoy the beach and bar of the Best Western Resort! Did you say snorkel? How about a stop to Christmas Cove for a snorkel of the beautiful coral and maybe see a swimming sting ray!
(A Snorkeler's or Beach Lover's Dream!)

Our first stop will be over to Water Lemon Cay on St. John for a snorkel. We then got to Whistling Cay for a snorkel. A stop in Maho Bay, where you can eat your picnic lunch that you brought and do a quick swim with the turtles there.  Maybe a stop on Cinnamon Beach to put your toes in the sand! We will finish the day with a snorkel at Mermaid's Chair! 

10am to 3pm or 12pm to 5pm (or we can adjust our times to meet your cruise ship port times) - $650
St. Thomas Snorkeling trip to St. John

With the sun setting we will venture out and across Pillsbury Sound watching the sun set on our way to Cruz Bay on St. John where we will dock. Here you can stop by Woody’s or one of the beach side bars for a drink, followed by a delicious dinner at one of the many fine dining establishments in Cruz Bay. After you fill your belly with culinary delights of fresh Wahoo, we will cruise back to St. Thomas enjoying the lights of St. Thomas and the moonlight. Once we get near the entrance to the marina, we will drift on into the marina! *Complimentary Champagne, wine, beer or Cruzan Rum Punch. 

St Thomas sunset dinner cruise
5pm TO 10PM - $600

 We will cruise over to the US Virgin Island’s Cays, cruising across Pillsbury Sound, through Great and Little St. James Islands and grab a mooring ball in Christmas Cove to watch the gorgeous sunset!

*Complimentary Champagne, wine, beer or Cruzan Rum Punch. 

3pm TO 7PM - $500
St Thomas sunset cruise

Spend a lovely day on the turquoise waters around St Thomas on this small-group snorkeling tour limited to only six guests. On board a comfy catamaran, cruise to Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge to snorkel with the local marine life, including sea turtles! You’ll also stop to snorkel at two other spots — Happy Island and Christmas Cove

St Thomas Snorkeling Swim with Turtles

All charters leave from the Compass Point Marina on the South East End of St. Thomas. Staying on St John? We can pick you up at the National Park Dock, in Cruz Bay, 30 minutes after all posted times. All trips include snorkel gear, water and soda, if you want food and beer/liquor, feel free to bring it along as we provide a cooler & ice!  

Prices quoted below are all inclusive, no added fees except if you had a Wahoo Time on our charters, a gratuity is always appreciated! 
Hey you are on vacation right? You just dealt with the stress of air travel, long lines, rude passengers, TSA, tiny seats and you just want to start your vacation? Now begins the taxi to waterfront or Red Hook, then waiting on line at the ferry only to be charged yet again not only for yourself, but your luggage as well? Leave it up to us to make your first moments of Island Time, RELAXING!  We will pick you up at the airport and take you right to the marina will you will board the luxurious Louly III and start unwinding the minute you step aboard. We will cruise across Pillsbury Sound over to Cruz Bay in St. John where you will be dropped off at the National Park Dock, away from all of the chaos of the ferry dock where you can meet a taxi to take you to your final vacation destination. We can go the other way too! 
*Complimentary Champagne, wine, beer or Cruzan Rum and mixer. 
transportation from the cyril king airport for up to 4 guests - $400
Airport Transfer from St. Thomas to St. John

other trips

You don’t mind getting a taxi to Compass Point Marina or you have over 4 in your party, then we can take you to St. John without the hassles of the ferry! We can go the other way too!
​*Complimentary Champagne, wine, beer or Cruzan Rum and mixer. 
up to 6 guests - $300
Water Taxi Service to St. John 
ST. Thomas and St. John Snorkel TrIp
We will start off with a quick boat ride to Happy Island in the mangroves where we will take a hike through numerous hermit crabs and breathe taking views of volcanic rocks. Our next stop is to Buck Island where we will swim with the turtles. For lunch we will visit St. John in Cruz Bay. We will then head over to Water Lemon Cay snorkel. To end our great day we stop at Christmas Cove for a snorkel or Cinnanmon Beach on St. John for a swim!
​9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM - $900

We will cruise our way to the Cays of the Virgin Islands, Thatch Cay, Grass Cay, Mingo Cay, Lavongo Cay and Congo Cay, where you will see volcanic rock jut right out of the ocean! We will sneak in between Lavongo and Congo Cay for a fascinating drift snorkel. It’s then off to Cruz Bay on St. John where you will have time to wander through the quaint village of St. John for shopping and lunch. It is then off to explore the world famous beaches of St. John, Hawksnest, Trunk, Cinnamon and Maho. We will then stop off at Water Lemon Cay for some amazing snorkeling! Too full from your lunch, instead of Water Lemon Cay we can stop off at Cinnamon on St. John where you can swim to the beach, lime on the beach. If we still have time, we will make a stop at Christmas Cove for a swim or snorkel or Whistling Cay on St. John. 

St. Thomas Snorkeling Trip to St. John
​9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM - $900